Parent Advisory Committee



Parent Advisory Committee Structure (PAC)


Representation of PAC

  • At least two parents from each class (VIDA/Bahia and Academia de Bahia)

  • Composition of PAC are different types of families:

    • ethnic/cultural diversity

    • Spanish-English speaking

    • Full pay/subsidized families

Governing Structure

Two coordinators are appointed by the PAC membership in September with one year term (staggered/overlapping assignments) one rotates off in September and one in January so there is continuity).


Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Set the agenda (get parent/staff feedback for items to be included) and facilitates the PAC meetings

  • Represents the PAC at the BAHIA Board Meetings (PAC coordinators can alternate their participation.

  • Make sure that food and childcare is taken care of

  • Assure that representation is occurring/follow up if not

  • Make sure that minutes are distributed in a timely manner (within following week)

  • Make sure that appropriate staff is in attendance

  • Delegate tasks to parents


-- Facilitator, timekeeper, note taker (assigned in advance)

-- Other activities

-- Treasurer (maintain budget, make bank deposits)

-- Secretary (keep track of minutes/notes from any meetings/retreats)


Logistics and Agreements

  • Meet once a month, 1 to 1.5 hours maximum, depending on agenda

  • Start and end on time

  • Meeting once a month at 5:45 PM at Bahia

  • Minutes available within the week in consistent, brief summary format English / Spanish

  • Food provided (budgeted from the PAC to provide for meeting)

  • Childcare to be arranged by BAHIA and paid by PAC funds


Meeting Communication

  • Email/phone/phone tree/sticker reminder – Friday before end of day

  • Each site posts a sign on the door or bulletin board notifying parents of upcoming PAC meeting

  • Agenda available Friday before meeting with reminder

  • Minutes are to be sent via email, stored in G/drive and posted onto the website


PAC Advisory History

  • The PAC Advisory Committee structure was initially approved on November 1, 2004 and then May, 2008. The structure should be annually approved and reviewed by all PAC members.