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Isabel Blanco Ramirez Community Service Award






















In honor of Isabel Blanco Ramírez who was a BAHIA alumni, her family and friends have created a special service award


Isabel Blanco Ramírez Community Service Award


This award serves to keep Isabel's spirit alive and to give our alumni the opportunity to serve as an example to our Bahia School Age Program children.


Isabel Blanco Ramirez Community Service Award – valued at $4,000

The Isabel Blanco Ramirez Community Service Award was created by her family, Maria Blanco, Daniel Ramirez and Amaya Blanco to keep her spirit alive in our hearts and community.  2022 is our ninth year of the Isabel Blanco Ramirez Community Service Award and we invite the eligible alumni of BAHIA programs to apply. 


Isabel was a former student of BAHIA’s program and like many of our students before and after her, each have found themselves returning to our programs where lifelong friends and memories were made. Isabel volunteered in the summer of 2009 and it was here that we saw how drawn she was to children, community, the culture and practicing her bilingual skills. Isabel was able to connect with our school agers through her creativeness, art and spoken word. Her family saw how the hours she spent at Bahia added to her creativity and how as a result of her community service it became something that she was proud of. In honor of her memory and to the many students, who like her would like to return to BAHIA, a special community service award has been created to keep her spirit of mentorship alive and give our alumni the opportunity to serve as mentors for the younger generations.


This award is available thanks to the generosity of Blanco/Ramirez family and friends; and, in memory of our beloved Isabel, who unfortunately left this world sooner than we wanted. Isabel attended both Centro VIDA and Bahia School Age Program and later as a high school graduate volunteered her time at Bahia School Age Program. We want to share and spread her enthusiasm for volunteering and for the arts through this award. This is a paid internship to encourage BAHIA alumni to work at Bahia School Age Program and serve as a bilingual role model for the younger generations, as Isabel had. Friends, family and supporters of this inspirational award in Isabel’s honor are invited and welcomed to donate and increase the opportunities for more than one student to receive and to keep her memory y alive.

Requirements and other information: 


  • Must have attended BAHIA Inc. programs Centro VIDA, Bahia School Age Program or La Academia

  • Must commit to working 30 hours the week of April 4th – 8th, 2022 

  • Must commit to working for 30 hours a week for 7 weeks during the summer

  • Must be between the ages of 15-21 

  • Alumni 18-21 must be fingerprinted (at BAHIA’s expense) and have clearance from Dept. of Justice 

  • Alumni must be fully vaccinated (has received all recommended doses in their primary series of COVID-19 vaccines.)

  • Winner of this award will receive a total of $4,000 during their time at Bahia.


To download the application and for more information please see following links:


Application (PDF) & Essay (PDF) / Application (Excel)Essay (Word) 


 If you would like more information please give us a call at (510) 525-1463 


Please spread the word with all our alumni that attended our programs Centro VIDA or Bahia School Age Program. 

2019 Isabel Blanco Ramirez Recipients
Kaydie Moreno
Andrea Guerrero
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