Our award winning programs, Centro VIDA, Bahia School Age Program, Academia de Centro VIDA, and Academia de Bahia have offered unique bilingual care and education for almost four decades to children ages two to ten years of age.  BAHIA provides opportunities for bilingual language development and a multicultural learning experience in a warm supportive environment for children. Our tradition and experience in caring and providing care to children and to our community is now evident in our alumnae returning to our programs as parents.

Why donate to BAHIA? 

BAHIA’s is one of the very few Latino nonprofits in the Bay Area focused on providing bilingual care and education to children ages 2-10. This has been our focus and priority to families and the community we serve. Annually we serve over 190 children between all of our three sites. Every year, we seek donations from our own community of families, friends and relatives to our wider community to support and enrich our children’s programs.  Parents and our board annually fundraise over $50,000 to support BAHIA and our children’s program.  Additional donations are needed to help to support the following BAHIA activities that annually help our children’s learning thrive in small and very big ways!

  • Increase the instructional bilingual materials and/or equipment for our children’s 12 classrooms and 4 program sites. (learning games/paper/educational supplies etc.)

    • $6000 = Instructional supplies and materials for 12 classrooms

    • $1200 = $100 per classroom for paper supplies for 12 classrooms

    • $5000 = Replenish and purchase bilingual books and materials for our four children’s program.

  • Instructional Enrichment Classes for children

    • $2500 = Two weeks of summer swim instruction for 80 children

    • $650 =   10 hours of dance classes in Spanish for toddler/preschool children

    • $1500 = Ballet Folklorico Classes for 65 school age children 

  • Outdoor Playground materials/supplies and equipment (replenish well-worn outdoor play equipment for children to use)

    • $5000 to replenish outdoor play materials and equipment for our four programs (trikes, sand toys, water play tables, balls, hoola hoops etc.)

  • Build supporting for the Isabel Blanco Ramirez Community Service Award, the enrichment of our programs through drama, arts and sports and many other more.

    • $3000 = Six week of employment for a youth/BAHIA Alumnae age a Youth Teaching Assistant

    • $1500 = Two weeks of employment for a youth/BAHIA Alumnae as Youth Teaching Assistant

    • $5000 = 7 parent education sessions on (child development, parent engagement and involvement, health/nutrition and well-being of young children, literacy development)

    • $2500 = Six-week cooking sessions with Cooking Matters with 20 parents; healthy cooking classes for parents with their children.

    • $1000 = Materials to support over 200 parents awareness on safety, health and nutrition

  • Teacher Growth and Development

$5000 = Professional growth opportunities for over 30 staff members working to support their learning and growing as educators and professionals in early to school age care and education.  Workshops trainings include (brief list):  Teaching and Supporting Bilingual Learners, Bilingual Curriculum Development, Desired Results Developmental Profile, Learning Foundations, Teachers learning to use Chrome Books in the classroom to support child assessment and portfolios, Reflective Teaching Practices, Safety and Health, CPR and First Aid



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