Centro VIDA

Centro VIDA was established in April, 1975


Centro VIDA Children's Center is a bilingual (Spanish & English) toddler/preschool program providing subsidized and full-cost preschool care for 64 children ages 2 to 5 years old. VIDA as we often and fondly refer to our program is our flagship program that was started in 1975.  Our curriculum provides a play-based curriculum that is age-appropriate, and meets the developmental needs of children and follows the Learning Foundations. Our classroom and teachers provide opportunities for children to learn through play and exploration in a warm, caring and bilingual learning environment. Children are bi-annually assessed utilizing the Desired Results Developmental Profile 


This assists our teachers in planning appropriate learning experiences for each child that meets their age and a continuum of learning and growing goals/objectives. Parent conferences are provided bi-annually for parents to check-in with teachers regarding their child's assessments and progress at Centro VIDA.


Centro VIDA is designed to promote a child's self-image, enhance and positive feelings about being bilingual and celebrate multicultural diversity through our curriculum and classroom activities.


Children are assigned groups by the date and year of birth.  In the groups children play, learn and work by age groups; each age group has a group name and is lead a Lead teacher and Co-Teachers:


Florecitas   (2 year olds)  4 children: 1 Teacher and 3 assistants - 17 is the maximum group size

Corazones (3 year olds)   7 children: 1 Teacher and 2 assistants – 21 is the maximum group size 

Estrellas    (4 year olds)   8 children: 1 Teacher and 3 assistants – 24 is the maximum group size


One Site Supervisor monitoring and supervising the children’s program, teachers, parent engagement and overall program of Centro VIDA.


Centro VIDA's Daily Schedule


Florecitas' Daily Schedule


Corazones & Estrellas' Daily Schedule 


Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:30AM-5:30PM 

License Capacity: 65 Children

License Number: 010209542 

Parent Involvement at Centro VIDA

As part of parent and program agreement, parents agree to participate and donate hours to their children’s program as a way to know and contribute to the child’s learning place. Centro VIDA parents donate annually 40 hours a year we Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom through various activities at Centro VIDA and/or to BAHIA Inc.


Parents participate in the following activities (shortlist)

·         Literacy – reading to children, assisting with our growing and strengthening our bilingual library

·         Cultural awareness – attending our program and sharing cultural traditions

·         Classroom repairs – Being available as need to make small and important repairs (changing bulb, patch small holes, sand down a bench)

·         Fundraisers – Assist in parent fundraisers and organizational fundraisers:  Tamalada,  Run/Walkathon

·         Music enhancement – Share you musical talents and instruments and sing and/or perform for the children. 


  • BAHIA, Inc. operates on a non-discriminatory basis, affording equal treatment and access to services for all without regard to sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color or mental or physical disability.

  • BAHIA, Inc. welcomes the enrollment of children with disabilities and other special needs and implements reasonable accommodations for such children as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • BAHIA, Inc. does not provide religious instruction or worship, nor will any child development program funds be used for the general support of any private church-related activity or event.

  • BAHIA, Inc. has a procedure for receiving and handling complaints which is on file in the office. 

  • BAHIA Inc. has designated our Operations Manager as the person responsible for receiving and investigating complaints.  Parents have the right to appeal any adverse action.

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