Centro VIDA Children's Center
1000 Camilia Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
e-mail: centrovida@bahiainc.com
Phone: 510.525.1463
Fax: 510.524.1317

Centro VIDA Children's Center is a bilingual (Spanish & English) toddler/preschool program providing subsidized and full-cost preschool care for 64 children ages 2 to 5 years old. Centro VIDA is designed to promote a child's self-image, enhance and positive feelings about being bilingual and celebrating multicultural diversity through our curriculum and classroom activities. Children play and work by age groups: Florecitas (2 year olds), Corazones (3 year olds), and Estrellas (4 year olds.) VIDA provides a play-based curriculum that is age-appropriate, and meets the developmental needs of children by providing opportunities to learn through play and exploration in a warm, caring and bilingual learning environment. Children are annually assessed to assist teachers in planning appropriate learning experiences for each child. Parent conferences are provided bi-annually for parents to check-in with teachers regarding their child's assessments and progress at Centro VIDA.